A great bass has just the right blend of timeless design and modernized features. The GB7 mixes a proven body and bridge design with enhanced electronics, machine heads, and more to give you the best of the past and future.


The pickups in the GB7 models are specially voiced to match this instrument, carefully considering the swamp ash body and other factors that define the sonic sweet-spot for the 7 collection.

The electronics are also specially designed for the GB7. This fully active system provides for two bands of tone control as well as master volume and pickup blend controls. To increase your sonic options, the GB7 bass can be switched from active to passive thanks to a provided push-pull pot.

Magnet: Alnico V rod
Coil: AWG 43
Turns: 5,200/ 4,800
Resistance: 6.5k ohm
Inductance: 3.9H
  • Voiced to deliver a legendary jazz tone, crafted with time-proven winding methods and materials
  • Unique noiseless performance through refined design
  • Specially wound to maximize high and low frequencies
GB74JJ AM 4-String Amber
GB74JJ AB 4-String Aqua Blue
GB75JJ AM 5-String Amber
GB75JJ AB 5-String Aqua Blue
Magnet: Alnico V rod
Coil: AWG 41
Turns: 4,000
Resistance: 6.85k ohm
Inductance: 4.9H
  • Delivers a tone that is sensitive, dynamic and smooth
  • Low-end voicing is optimized for rumbling power and clarity
  • Crafted with time-proven winding methods and materials
GB74JH TR 4-String Trans Red
GB74JH TBK 4-String Trans Black
GB75JH TR 5-String Trans Red
GB75JH TBK 5-String Trans Black
  • body High gloss Swamp Ash
  • Neck Satin Maple
  • Fingerboard Satin Maple
  • Tuners Hipshot
  • Radius 305R
  • Scale 34" on 4-strings, 35" on 5-strings
  • Frets 21 frets, 2.7mm fret wire
  • String Spacing 19mm
  • Bridge Omega
  • Passive/Active 2band EQ with passive-active push-pull
  • Pickups

    VTB-ST neck and VTB-ST bridge pickups on GB74JJ and GB75JJ models.

    VTB-ST neck and VTB-H bridge pickups on GB74JH and GB75JH models.